Monday, 18 February 2008

Police to concentrate on Polls - House-To-House Search For Sharlinie Suspended

As expected police are now focussing on the general election and has suspended their house-to-house search for five-year-old Sharlinie Mohd Nasahr who has been missing the last six weeks.

Poor Sharlinie. Her case is going nowhwere. Interest in her has been gradually waning. And now police are more concerned about the polls rather than looking for her.

According to Petaling Jaya OCPD Arjunaidi Mohamed police have temporarily halted their search to enable the "the 1,100 police personnel to concentrate on the polls."

Bernama full report below:

House-To-House Search For Sharlinie Stopped During Election

PETALING JAYA, Feb 18 (Bernama) -- The police will temporarily halt the house-to-house search for Sharlinie Mohd Nashar, the five-year-old girl who went missing 42 days ago, to enable them to concentrate on the 12th general election.
Petaling Jaya OCPD ACP Arjunaidi Mohamed said despite the temporary halt, the police would be able and ready to act swiftly should there be new information about the case.
"The efforts to locate Sharlinie will go on... only the house-to-house search is stopped temporarily to enable 1,100 police personnel to concentrate on the polls," he told a news conference here.
The news conference was briefly disrupted when three men came forward and claimed that they had information on Sharlinie's whereabouts.
One of them said that the police refused to act on information provided, a claim which Arjunaidi denied.
"They have given us information about where Sharlinie is purportedly held but the place does not exist and they are reluctant to cooperate when the police ask for more information," he said.
The police then took their statements and at 4pm deployed a team to check on several houses at a flat in Cheras said to be where Sharlinie was being held but could not find her.
Sharlinie was reported missing on Jan 9 while playing with her elder sister about 200 metres from their house in Taman Medan, here.-- BERNAMA


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

I think sharlinie's case deserve attention from the police more than the poll itself. i mean, just appoint the RELA for the GE la.

puteri said...

Yes, the fading memory of Sharlinie. That's what is happening. She'll soon be forgotten unless news on her are updated.

Agree with kerp. Sharlinie's case deserve MORE attention from the police than the polls itself.

Anonymous said...

Better Still. Don't waste national resources on one issue. To her family, accept her fate with "ketaqwaan". Life has to go on. Never look back.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hey anon, so you're saying looking for a missing girl is a waste of national resources? and to forget about shrlinie until the next kid is abducted?

sure its easy for you to come up with such ridiculous statement because its not happening to your own family members. you seemed to forget sharlinie's a beloved daughter to her parents, beloed grandaughter to her grandparents and beloved sister to her siblings.

you dont just leave it to God to do the job while you sit on your ass and accept it as fate la brother.

yes, life do goes on but those in need must never be forgotten. we have the means, enough man-power to handle both issues.

that comment of yours was totally uncalled for and insensitive.

Anonymous said...

kerp, more and more deranged looney out there, esp in cyber-space. I wonder if anon will accept fate easily if his child is missing, maybe he'll go round telling everyone - no need to find my child, i'll leave it all up to god.what an asshole and anon one

Anonymous said...

Dera Kerp (Ph.D)

I do have my rights for my opinion. I dont give a damn what you feel. Wasting public money for a single cause is unjustified to the masses. I respect you rights for your opinion and I hope you respect the same. OK ?

Anonymous said...

Kerp (Ph.D),

How about missing children in Iraqi war? The missing children during Vietnam War? Cambodia War?

Should you said Sharlinie is more important, I dont agree with you. OK. Hope you got it.

Anonymous said...

alahai.. apa punya orang ni... buleh pulak dia keluarkan kenyataan tak berhati perut macam tu...

budak tu hilang, kena culik.. bukan dah meninggal.. hilang kena cari sampai jumpa lah.. bukan main berserah je... kalau macam nurin tu lain lah.. dah meninggal, apa lagi yang kita buleh buat selain dari carik sapa pembunuh dia...

sesukati dia je bagi komen... ni bukan hilang kereta... ni hilang anak... bukan isu kecik... bukan juga isu terpencil dah...

Anonymous said...

Hello, isu ni hanya "Police to concentrate on Polls - House-To-House Search For Sharlinie Suspended".. maknanya buat sementara waktu.. wot i said was and should be read was, let the police do other more important duties at the moment.. Dah tentu cuma "suspended".. bukan abondon !!apa masaalahnya?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

excuse me aunty maria...

hey anon, you said you respected my opinion and yet you said you 'dont give a DAMN what you feel' which was obviously aiming at me. is that respect to you?'re one sad case la brother.

how about this then. i'm entitled to my own opinion as well and i regard your take on this matter as down-right insensitive.

then you went on talking about the missing kids in cambodia, iraq and vietnam when you yourself brought up about wasting public money. hello? did you pay your taxes to the iraqi government? where in the shithole did you come from?

the issue here is, ofcos, suspending search from house to house but if you had read me, i mentioned about having ample man-power in for example, Rela.

BUT heck no, you chose to shoot your stinking mouth off. go ahead then, if wanna look sillier. I COULDNT GIVE A DAMN, as you put it.

warrior2 said...

The reality is, the election is a period of great tension. Even now, we read about scuffles/fighting between supporters, between supporters and Majlis Tempatan, and that were only just about where they planted thier party flags/banners. Wait till ceramahs!

The police needs to focus thier assets/resources to where it is most needed now, maintainance of peace and security for everybody. Unfortunate for nini but sadly true!

Anonymous said...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

There are other areas that resources to be wisely allocated. To pursue one (mistake perhaps for her family to let her unattended at pasar malam) problem should be a limit. You suggest 1 week? 1 year? 1 decade? forever? What we must learnt here is to educate the uncaring parents how dangerous to let thier children walking alone or unattended at any time.

Using public resources to "bail-out" thier stupidity is unwise. Think about it..!!

pemerhati said...

Anon 10:02:00 AM

Why are you using Kerp (Ph.D)’s handle?

By the way, Nini wasn’t left unattended at a pasar malam. She was playing with her elder sister at a playground near her house in broad day light.

We all know that’s sooner or later, the police would have to call off the search.

But to actually call off the search for Nini so that the police can concentrate on the polls? What do you call that?

Police have their priorities screwed up. You wanna win the hearts and minds of the people? That aint the way to do it.

And by the way Kampung Medan is an area of low-income earners.

Do you know what’s it like to live in a cramped flat/terraced house with no playarea? The nearest play area is the community playground near Nini's hosue, which I am sure she and her sister have gone upteen times.

You accuse Nini’s parents of uncaring? You know what? You come across as someone who is heartless, uncaring and unconcerned.

Yeah, you sound and think llike a cop.

Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Pemerhati said :
"And by the way Kampung Medan is an area of low-income earners."...

Asked them to work hard and move to a fenced security neighbourhood...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

wei anon (whichever shit you are),

please read my last comment instead of shooting your mouth off with turd. the main issue here is, e have ample man-power to handle both the stupid GE and finding sharlinie. dont you get it already?

Anonymous said...

kerp and the rest, btw, its VERY EASY to track down an anon, i've given my contact to someone we all know and i can EASILY track down this anonying anon and give him the expose. no one is really anon and i'll get the link, we contact in private k, would be REALLY FUN to find out whoever anon we want k.KL

zorro said...

People. Let's not waste time fencing with this heartless anon. He will never retract, he will never empathize, he will never give in. These specie suffer from I-disease...everything must revolve around him, he is always right, others are never right. All of you have said your sincerest best....leave him to his self-righteuous delusions. Let us just WILL for Ninie's safety and storm God's intercession.