Thursday, 14 February 2008

Let's not forget Sharlinie...

With all the excitement and news coverage on the upcoming polls, let's not forget Sharlinie whose family has been waiting for news of her whereabouts and safe return.

It’s already been five weeks since five-year-old Sharline was abducted while playing at a playground near her house in Kampung Medan, Petaling Jaya on Jan. 9.

Sadly, news coverage on Sharlinie and her whereabouts are getting less and less . We’re not getting anywhere. No new leads. Nothing. I don’t have a good feeling with every passing day. Will she ever be found? I pray that she will not be another Nurin.

In the meantime, another pilot was arrested, charged and fined AS12,000 by an Australian Court last Saturday for possessing child ponography . I picked up the news from Nuraina who posted it after someone alerted her.

He is with the Singapore Airlines. But he is a Malaysian.

Here's the Star report:

Thursday February 14, 2008

Aussies fine SIA pilot caught with porn RM33,000

SINGAPORE: A Singapore Airlines (SIA) pilot caught with pornographic material at Adelaide International Airport last Saturday has been charged and fined A$12,000 (RM33,500) by Australian authorities.

Captain Ng Kok Yauw, 41, a Malaysian national, was the third person arrested by the Australian Customs Service in less than a week as part of a crackdown on attempts to smuggle pornography into the country through Adelaide.

The other two cases involved a 41-year-old Singaporean whose identity is not known and another Malaysian – 23-year-old Ahmad Said, a co-pilot with Malaysia Airlines (MAS).

Australian media reported over the weekend that the MAS pilot was fined A$6,000 (RM17,760), while the Singaporean will appear again in Adelaide magistrate's court on Feb 25.

A spokesman for Australian Customs told The Straits Times that when Capt Ng was stopped and questioned by officers, he denied carrying any prohibited items.

But when they checked his laptop, they found “objectionable material depicting abhorrent sexual acts.” – The Straits Times / ANN


.. said...

kak ton, this sharlinis thing is really going nowhere and yesterday's news reported that her father had been requested to report back to work. as times go by, this case is becoming very difficult and tough to solve. posters are fading and so is many people interest. What can we do but hope and still pray

puteri said...

Tok Mommy,

Another pilot and another Malaysian? Hello, what are the police doing about it?

Go catch him. There could be a link.

As for Sharlinie, I could see interest in her case is gradually fading.

I hope you, Kak Ena, tembam and marykate will keep writitng about her until her case is solved.

I dont count too much on the police busy with the g.e.

zaitgha said...

how to forget her Kak Ton, my 2nd son on and off would asked me about her....

why we have so many sicko Malaysian...sheessshhhh really makes me fume

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

marykate, puteri,

There has been no news about Sharlinie except on her father, which I had posted on the left side bar of my blog.

It seems to me - and which puteri has observed too - interest on little nini has been waning.

Apart from putting her photo on their blogs, most bloggers are not writing much about her any more. She seems to be the concern of a few bloggers like you, Tembam, Nuraina, and the regulars at tembam's weblog - munira, tehsin nigthwing, farina and confused.

There's not much information on her from the police either.

I have seen torn and fading posters of Sharlinie pasted on a few pillars outside the Subang Medical Centre because they have been exposed to the natural elements.

I have also seen her posters on some taxis, but not anymore. Maybe I havent been around much, that could be the reason.

But its sad you, know, she's disappeared five weeks now and it looks like she's about to be forgotten.


I am touched by the concern shown by your son.

Yes, zaitga, it's scary to think that there are too many sickos around.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

aiyahh...malaysian pilots are a bunch of paedos. thats a freaky thought. dont they have anything better to do for being well-paid? with the money at their disposal, cant they just get a real woman instead?

Pi Bani said...

Frankly, I don't think Sharlinie looks like her picture in the posters anymore. Not even the photofits of her in tudung or bald or long hair. She must have lost some weight at least - probably no more round face as per her earlier description.

Tak taulah apa nak kata dah.

maria a samad (kak ton) said...


cant they just get a real woman instead?

They're sickos & perverts, that's why.


Like I said before I wont be able to recognise Nini if I were to see her - baik bertudung, bald or atau berambut panjang.

Yes, I'm sure she looks different now. mungkin dah kurus kerana rindukan her parents and adik beradik dan tak cukup makan etc.

I feel so sad & frustrated. Apa lagi yang kita boleh buatkan? Hanya berdoa agar dia selamat dan masih hidup.

Anonymous said...

tok mommy,

I got this piece of information while surfing the net. Its about the Malysian corn pilot, Ahmad said.

‘porn pilot’ to escape from the law…

The link is:

Anonymous said...

yelah kesian kat adik nini but if she is nolonger living pun tak apa lah sebab Allah punya kehendak and at least she is saved from all sins dying so young.

and yes, her fatehr should work. anak hilang isn't a reason to just walk around looking for your missing kid while expecting the public to support his family. and i think he is ungrateful to say 5ribu yang dia dapt tu cukuplah sampai dapat gaji (meaning end of this month)? even if he meant next month, it's ungrateful. he's just a technician, berapa sangatlah gaji dia. 5K tu kot 3 bulan gaji kalau dia kerja opvertime. so he should be most grateful dapat makan free. some people eh? the way dia remark pun macam nak minta lagi ada orang simpati bagi duit tiap blan tak yah kerja but go and 'cari' anak dia. realistically, mana nak cari ah?

puteri said...

Kak ton,

I just came from Kak enah's blog. There's another horror story.

A 13-year-old-girl was rescued in a nick of time from a vice ring.

OMG, what's happening to this country? Murder and kidnappings are so rampant and still unsolved. Malaysian pilots involved in child porn. And now this.

Police better dont sit on their blardy arse. Go do your job, investigate and get to the bottom of this heinous crime!

puteri said...

Ok, I googled for Nurul. There was an earlier story on her where police said she was not abducted but ran away from home.

February 10, 2008 19:06 PM

Nurul Syaza Not Abducted, Say Police

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 10 (Bernama) -- Nurul Syaza Fadzil, the 13-year-old girl who was reported missing on Thursday, is believed to have run away with her friend and not abducted as reported.

Gombak OCPD Supt Abdul Karim Abu Hassan said the police were not ruling out the possibility that Nurul Syaza might have been influenced by her friend to leave her house and to switch off her mobile phone.

"Initial investigations showed that Syaza went out to see a friend and not abducted as earlier claimed. However, we are still ascertaining the reasons for her disappearance," he told Bernama when contacted.

Nurul Syaza's father, Fadzil Bakar, 53, believed that his daughter, a Form One student at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Taman Selayang, was still in Gombak.

"On Friday night I received information from her friend about a place where a woman in her 20's was staying. She was said to be with Syaza before she (Syaza) went missing. However when the police went to the house this morning, only the mother was there," Fadzil said when contacted.

Policemen from Gombak police headquarters later went to the woman's workplace after questioning the mother.

"I went with the police to the women's workplace at the Bolton industrial area but she was not there," said Fadzil.

Fadzil also said that he had yet to receive any information that could help locate her daughter's whereabouts.

Nurul Syaza was reported missing at 8.30am on Thursday after buying nasi lemak at a stall near her house in Kampung Nakhoda in Batu Caves, here.-- BERNAMA

puteri said...

And here's the story from the Star.

Friday February 15, 2008

Teen rescued after gang held her for a week

A 13-YEAR-OLD girl was nearly forced to become a nightclub waitress after a gang held her captive for a week.

Nurul Syaza Fadzil’s father managed to save her before she was “sold off” in Damansara, said Harian Metro.

She said she was buying nasi lemak near her Batu Caves home last week when her friend Ola, also 13, threatened to beat her up if she did not follow her to a nearby shopping complex.

They later met up with two women and were taken to an apartment in Jalan Kenanga, near Pudu Jail in Kuala Lumpur, where she was locked in a room.

She was forced to sniff glue and drink alcohol.

She said there were 10 men who wore black and white uniforms in the apartment and she was forced to wear the uniform.

Meanwhile, her father Fadzil Bakar rushed to the apartment after he received a tip-off that she was there.

He arrived and found Syaza in a van waiting to be sent to Damansara to be sold off. The gang members fled the scene.

maria a samad (kak ton) said...


Thank you for the alert. I've put it up at the side bar of my blog.

Just wondering about the earlier Bernama story in which the police said she wasnt abducted but had run away from home. Why didnt the police pursue the matter?

Somehow the stories were contradictory.

Is it asking too much to demand the police to investigate this case?

Thank God the father rescued her in time. Otherwise it would have been another case of a missing child (she's under age) which will most probably be forgotten and remain unsolved.

Hi&Lo said...

Austria may compensate girl for kidnap ordeal: chancellor

VIENNA, Feb 15, 2008 (AFP) - Austria may compensate a kidnapped girl held
captive for more than eight years because of negligence in the search for her,
Chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer said in an interview published Friday.
"We must discuss a sort of arrangement with Natascha Kampusch's lawyers,"
he told the daily Kronen Zeitung.
One of those lawyers, Gerald Ganzger, told the paper that informal talks
had begun with a view to an out-of-court settlement.
Earlier this month Interior Minister Gunther Platter announced a special
commission to probe the police investigation after a parliamentary committee
revealed that an officer had questioned kidnapper Wolfgang Priklopil just a
month after the girl went missing.
Kampusch, who was just 10 when she was abducted in March 1998 and was not
heard of again until her escape in August 2006, said she was "outraged" by the
committee's findings.
Ganzger suggested she could bring a legal case against the state if police
negligence was proven.
Parliamentary committee member Peter Pilz said the officer had reported his
suspicion of Priklopil but the report was ignored by the officer's superiors.
Former police chief Herwig Haidinger had also told the committee that
important leads had not been followed up in the case.
Priklopil committed suicide just hours after Kampusch escaped.

AFP 151154 GMT FEB 08

Anonymous said...

Kak Ton,

It has been reported that Portuguese police have practically called off the search for the missing Madeleine McCann.

Closer to home, it now appears that Sharlinie is destined to end up as just another statistic. It's such a sad fact.

How I wish there's more that can be done to find Sharlinie. Don't we just feel so helpless?