Sunday, 17 February 2008

Pak Lah - We love the rakyat...

On the day the police used water cannon and tear gas on Saturday to break up an anti-government protest in Kuala Lumpur, Pak Lah declared the Government's love for the people in Yan, Kedah

The proof of the Government's love can be seen in the Government's efforts to improve the people's lot such as abolishing school fees and providing free textbooks to all students, free school uniforms for poor students, supplementary food programme and other school facilities.

"The government does all this in the interest of the people," he said.

And here's proof of the Government's love for the rakyat listed by Pak Lah.

Govt Aid Proof Of Love For People - Abdullah

YAN, Feb 16 (Bernama) -- Government's efforts to improve the people's lot are proof of its love for the people, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

He said the proof could be seen, for instance, in the abolishment of school fees and the provision of free textbooks for all students and free school uniforms for poor students, supplementary food programme and other school facilities.

"The government does all this in the interest of the people and it needs to intensify the efforts to assist them, like controlling the prices of goods in order to lessen the people's financial burden," he said at the launch of the upgrading of a MADA (Muda Agriculture Development Authority) plantation road to village road under the Northern Corridor Economic Region (NCER) development programme, here today.

The three-kilometre road is part of a total of 525 km of rural roads to be upgraded at a cost of RM158 million under the NCER development programme.

Abdullah said the people must realise that the government bore part of the costs for water and electricity supply, and low-cost and affordable housing for the people.

Besides that, he said, the government also strove to raise the standard of living of the rural population by providing various facilities.

"The government has also helped those affected by calamities such as the tsunami and floods, with an allocation of over RM10 million.

"We have also given the highest pay raise in the history of Malaysian civil service."

He said if former prime minister Tun Abdul Razak had shown his love for the people by building village roads, the present government strengthened the love by building new roads and upgrading the existing ones.

Abdullah said the government also wanted to add value to agriculture produce in Kedah, for instance, by improving padi yields and quality.

He said through the NCER programme, the people would have the opportunity to gain additional income from the padi/rice-based industry.

"The people will also be able see NCER grow and prosper like the Klang Valley and Selangor."

He added that the government also encouraged the development of high-technology industries like those in the Kulim High-Tech Park.- Bernama


Anonymous said...

This moron of a Prime Minister, doesnt he know that is the responsibility of any Government to provide basic education for its people?

Anyway, that was what you were elected for and the money spent is ours. You forget ahh? We pay income tax, you know.

What lah!

Anonymous said...

Psssstttt... got nothing to do with this post, but, HAPPY BESDAY!

Anonymous said...

That's the reason why we voted for you - to take care of the rakyat, not your SIL, members of your family and your cronies, you moron!

Anonymous said...

Hello you sleepy head. What the fark are you talking?

Isnt that what you are supposed to do?

bayi said...

Dumping these so-called benefits on the rakyat is certainly disputable love. The money is ours in the first place.

A rich man who showers gifts on his children but is not inclined to listen to their real needs has not shown love for his children.

Anonymous said...

maybe this sounds a bit strange,

The PM admits that he is doing all these things with our money

and you guys admit that he is doing it with our money because it is his job to make sure that it happens

so you are saying that he is doing his job the way that you want him to do? right?

Basically what we have now, according to your own admission, since you are disputing the fact that monies are being spent on those items mentioned int he post, is a Government that is serving the people. A government that actually works for the benefit of the people
I mean in general the Government works...

but you sound like he is not doing anything at all that correct?

Obviously there are things that are wrong just as there is something wrong with everything except God
(sorry I don't have an atheist equivalent)

why don't everyone concentrate effort on KJ's constituency or something if you really want to send his a message and keep theat guy from taking the seat, or at the very least slip through with the skin of his teeth for a majority

Anonymous said...



J.T. said...

Hi Kak Maria

I really do not know what to comment about this 'show of love'. Elections is around the corner, isn't it? ;)

By the way, Happy Birthday, my fellow Aquarian. :)

warrior2 said...

In some countries, the Indian subcontinent for example, the police WHACKED, really whack, the protestors with bambo sticks or chortars.

Well, you have made your point when you managed to gather although no permits are issued. So when the police ask you to disperse, WHY DONT YOU?

Anonymous said...

fatboylikesbelacan said... why don't everyone concentrate effort on KJ's constituency or something if you really want to send his a message and keep theat guy from taking the seat, or at the very least slip through with the skin of his teeth for a majority


If only we could. It is the voters in that constituency who can make the difference, if they choose to.

Also Umno members. They should protest if the SIL was chosen to contest in the Rembau Parliamentary seat.

But I doubt Umno members would go against him...not out of fear that he'd kill them but of losing favours, you know.

There's too much greed and self interest among Umno members.


maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Elviza, cleo, J.T.

Thank you.

J.T., you're also an Aquarian?

Aquarius: Friendly and humanitarian
Honest and loyal...

But aint gonna reveal the dark side of an Aquarian! he he he!

Anonymous said...


Spot on! It's elections time.

Pak lah declares love for the people, dispensses goodies, makes promises (yet many of the promises made in 2004 remained unfulfilled) and continues to make confusing statements because I think he's incapable of thinking straight.

Just wondering, it would have been a good PR exercise for him - if only the 4th floor boys are capable of thinking.

Give the Hindraf flower children a permit to see him. Accept those flowers gracefully and be done with it.

Call what you like - that he is being hypocritical, but he IS a Hypocrite.

So another hypocritical Act would not cause much harm to his already dented image (he has already caused enough harm to himself without mush help from us).

After all, ALL politicians are opportunists.

Anonymous said...

Can someone ask him to shut up? The more he opens his mouth the stupid he sounds.

Hey, we voted for you (much to my regret), you owe it to us.


Pak Zawi said...

Tok Mommy,
Happy belated birthday from the East Coast.
Need I add more about this man who is trying to salvage whatever credibilty (if any is left in him) after 4 years at the helm?.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Kak Ton and may you have a great year ahead.

By the way, isn't it just wonderful to have this declaration of love from your PM, no less, on your birthday? ;)

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Hi Zawi,

Thank youfor the b'day greeting.

I wonder if Pak Lah has any credibility at all to speak of.

Cakap tak serupa bikin, cakap dolah dalik. How to trust him?

We've been conned by his so-called clean image all this while. He is the Ultimate CON man!

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Hi sesat,

Thanks for the greetings.

Oh yeah, wonderful aint it to celebrate my b'day on the the day Mr PM Declares his love for the rakyat jelata.

Oh, how fortunate of me. I sooo luvv this PM! Yuks!

.. said...

kak ton, happy belated birthday, and may you have many happy, healthy and blessed birthdays in the future :)

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

hi marykate,

Thank you. InsyaAllah.