Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Alternative media is not untouchable - Ahmad Shabery

The alternative media are not as untouchable as the public might think they are, Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek said Tuesday.

As such, he said, even though the people had the right to write whatever they wish through blogs and other online media, they could still be subjected to actions under the law if they spread slander online.

"People think that the alternative media could do what they want. This is not true. Recently there were cases against some of these bloggers," he told reporters after launching the First International Journalism Fellowship organised by the Malaysian Press Institute at the University of Malaya here.

Ahmad Shabery also said that the government had the responsibility to protect others from untruths and slander.

With technology available today, cyber forensics would be able to trace and detect the identity of online writers or slanderers even though they might use the anonymity of the Internet or a different name as a shield, he said. here

(Most bloggers are responsible for what they write. I think bloggers who post "lies" and "untruths" should be hauled up. But it is unfair to lump them all together. However, if you may recall, YB Datuk, some of the "untruths" which bloggers have been accused of have turned out to be true. There have been cases when credible bloggers - like him - have broken and uncovered important stories which the msm failed to do (read this, this, and this ), and succeeded in mobilising public opinion and support for their cause (read here). Need I say more? )


Anonymous said...

Dear Kak Ton
Good point made. Bloggers (most of us) are definitely more responsible for what we write about than they let on.


Anonymous said...

I think the Honourable Minister is underestimating the intelligence of the reading public.

They people arent stupid sir. They are able to differentiate between truth and lies.

Who is Rocky'sbru so popular? Is it because he spews lies and untruths.

A blogger can write all he wants and spread lies, as you say, sir. But nobody is going to visit his site and read his stuff.

The governemnt has the responsibilty to protect others from untruth and slander? Really? Since when?

Unless wht the Yb is saying is: Responsibility to shield/protect people in position of power & holding public office from being taken to task by bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maria,

I am a bit late visiting your blog, anyway Shabery ia another one of Melayu Mudah Lupa, I used to hear him said about UMNO and its leaders years ago..he is a Mentri now of course he has to say that..I dont take this man seriously...Ramli Mohd Yunus X DAP

Anonymous said...

Shabery is saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and the wrong he really intelectual..I felt sorry for his lecturers...RAMLI MOHD YUNUS

Anonymous said...

Shabery sounds like Zam ala ka Zam in the making.

Wakmasnoor said...

Fact or Lie, is for us to decide. But we honestly have to agree. As much as we are entitle to write what we want, where we want and whom we want about; we too are definitely responsible for those written what, where and whom.

Elaborating and self-opinionated views (writing) are fine. But creating lies and fabricating the untruth are so much wrong. More so, when the intent of publishing it, is for others to read in agreement or disagreement, worst, to spread it even more.

No one is an angel. Not even our good ol' Rocky. And nothing should be taken at face value, what more for granted.

Im not congratulating Ahmad Shabery, but no media or medium is untouchable.

Anonymous said...

Another political mouthpiece. An ex-Semangat '46. Truthfulness is not a trait that comes with any INFO chiefs.This guy could be worse that ZAM. Watch out!

emmer said...

Shabery Cheek ??????? yada yada yada .... no integrity at all !!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Maria aka Kak Ton,

I fully agree with the word Shabery is in the making of another fool like ZAM. Barang di jauhkan Allah pemimpin macam ni..Kak Ton, can you ask this man whether he still remember how to pronounce the word semangat? or does he remember the bridge that he burned with that `lawyer pecah geran' know who la..this few men, don't paly play la..UMNO Hardcore.