Friday, 11 April 2008

Pak Lah & his twisted logic

I am the cause of BN's poor performance, therefore I'm staying to rebuild the party.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi admitted today that he is "the reason for the spoilt votes for the Barisan Nasional" in the recent March 8 general election but is staying on to rehabilitate the coalition and Umno.

He said this after attending a meeting with the Johor Umno Liaison Body headed by Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman, who is also the Johor Menteri Besar.

"I feel I am the reason for the spoilt votes for the Barisan Nasional. And I feel responsible to do what's best to rehabilitate the BN and Umno," he told reporters here Friday.

Abdullah who is Umno President said he understood that many changes promised to the people earlier had not been fulfilled by the government until now.

However, the changes implemented by the government needed time before it could show positive results, he said.

"As such, I will continue to give emphasis to bring the changes promised to the people. In fact, they had already been included in the pledges of the BN government in the (election) manifesto in 2004," he said.

Ghani said that Johor Umno will give its support to Abdullah if he wishes to defend his post in the December party elections.

Bernama has the story here , the NST online here and bigdog's here

(He's not letting go, this shameless, dimwit, desperado of a PM still trying hard to cling on to power. What the he saying? You're responsible for the poor performance but staying on? Wei tak malu muka ke?)


Anonymous said...

I'm confused over the statement this PM made.

Makes no sense. A normal sane person would relinquish his post knowing that he is responsible for the disastrous result. But not our PM. Previously, he blamed others, now who owns up, but refuses to go.

And the Johore Umno? A bunch of goons who still support him.

Well you goons, deserve the leader you choose. Be prepared to lose in the next GE.

And I will say Amen!

Anonymous said...

This what we Greeks call "muka tebal."

Anonymous said...

sigh..yawn..bigger yawn..even now teary's same-same, not getting any better. there's no expiry date in moronic minds :(

fed-up said...

I just want this PM to go.

Right. He & his twisted logic. What lah. Just belah lah.

You're a gone case!

Anonymous said...

Alamak...shameless old man feel like giving him one tight slap lah!

anak jawa batu pahat said...

Too Thick skin & he is going to cling to the post as long as he could until the inevitable happens. He gets the kick literally from umno members

Oldstock said...


AAB is singing a different tune each day to suit the different audience that he meets at each state. Mungkin UMNO Johor ni bersopan sikit bila tegur dia, setakat bertanyakan `succession plan', walhal kita semua tahu maksud yg tersirat. Mungkin tu yg menyebabkan AAB terasa `guilty conscience' sampai tersebut yg dia responsible for the poor performance.

Let us see what he'll say after meeting more grassroots people at his next port of call. I'm pretty sure it's just going to be more excuses...

zaitgha said...

patut kena buat pc, depan2 everybody sumer suruh dia resign baru dia paham kot??