Thursday, 24 April 2008

At this week's MRT...

We had small celebration for Daphne Ling who has been offered a scholarship to study abroad, in Canada, at a University of her choice.

Daphne came all the way from Ipoh with Pi Bani. Pi had sms-ed me a few days earlier that they both would be driving down here for MRT and that Raden Galoh was "cooking " something" for Daphne.

I've never met Daphne - got to know her through reading her blog. Nice girl - young enough to be my daughter - who's committed to the voluntary work she is involved in. She and Pi are neighbours and they live within a five-minute-drive away from each

And what do you know. While some bloggers were greeting one another and others tucking in their mee rebus, MarinaM walked in holding the Olympic Torch which she carried at the Olympic Touch Relay. You just couldn't imagine the excitement the torch stirred. Of course, everyone was curious and eager to touch the torch and have a picture taken holding it. (see pix below)

The mrt regulars were there but we have a recent addition, blogger Jordan, who is a sub-editor with the magazine, Tell. Oh yes, Jacqui, who has been here since early April from the US, where she has been residing since her marriage, was present too. It was her second visit to mrt. She'll be going back on Monday. Have a safe trip home, Jacqui! And to Daphne, all the best to you. We know you're gonna do us proud!

L-R: Raden Galoh, Marina holding the torch, Tok Mommy and Daphne. Back row: Nuraina and Pi Bani.

All "smiles" before Daphne cut the cake bought and brought by Raden Galoh especially for her ( Pix fro L-R' Rockybru, Zorro, Tok Mommy. Daphne. A voice, the Ancient Mariner, Marina, Raden Galoh

L-R: Daphne, Elviza, Marina, Tok mommy with the Torch, Raden Galoh. Seated (l-r): Pi Bani , Jacqui (J.T.), and Husna .

L-R: Bigdog, The Ancient Mariner and Jordon

L-R: Pic 1 :Zorro looks as if he's ready to whack someone: Pic 2. Daphne...kongsi pegang dengan Marina pun jadi ler; and pix 3: Jordon...this is estasy, gonna hold it tight and aint gonna let it go!

Pix: Courtesy of Rikey (wattahack), Daphne and Jordon.


Anonymous said...

Tok Mommy,

You guys seem to have so much fun. Just love to see the spirit of Muhibbah among bloggers.

Way to go.

Daphne Ling said...

Aunty Maria,

Gosh, you gave me quite a shock when I opened your blog today morning and see, of all things, something that looks like my face! Hehe...

Well, thanks again for the lovely time...I surely enjoyed myself...

By the way, some of the photos, I believe, are from Rikey (like the first one)

See lar, your mee rebus so famous even the Olympic Torch goes! ;)

Keanorlinsya said...

aunty ton!!
hmmm...MRT, belom pernah dapat join lagi eversince i got to know bout it. Alah! jacqui is in Malaysia? Must be a fun gathering yea this time?

mekyam said...

WAIL!!!!! mekyam jeles giler... wish i was there!

congratters daph! where in canada, eh?

Anonymous said...

Dear Maria,

To me everything is ok but my only reservation is why of all the personalities Marina should be involved in running the torch. Would it be better if we leave it to the sportsmen and the sportswomen. So is the Mayor and some other glory seekers who are seeking the wrong glory.

Ramli Mohd Yunus
Alor Star, Kedah.

Anonymous said...

sweet jugak daphne ni. kak ton ada nombor dia? :-) saya nak.

Salt & Turmeric said...

Kak Ton, i wonder if MM was asked to keep bringing the torch to the next few mrt for the beneft of those who missed it last tue. hehe.


Pi Bani said...

Kak Ton... next time when I go, I will try to be there a bit late... when you're completely ready... hehehe... ;)

29-er said...

Wow Tok Mommy, you look great! I'd fall for you anyday *blush*