Thursday, 17 April 2008

"God is great prayers for a moral victory have been answered" - Tun Salleh

Tun Salleh Abbas, who was sacked as Lord President twenty years ago, said it did not matter if the Prime Minister Datuk Abdullah Badawi did not say sorry.

"God is great prayers for a moral victory have been answered," Tun Salleh said to bloggers Nuraina A. Samad and Ahirudin Attan when asked how he'd feel if there was no apology forthcoming from the Prime Minister at tonight's dinner jointly hosted by the government and the Malaysian Bar Council.

"If Pak Lah doesn't say sorry it doesn't matter to me. Let the public judge and God deal with them.

"I've waited for 20 years...God wants to give me only that, and they cannot open their hearts to say sorry, what can I do?

"Perhaps God has not opened their hearts.

"Why should I feel sad about this...I have been sad enough," said Tun Salleh.

Read Nuraina's here.

* Nuraina and Ahiruddin are working on Tun Salleh Abbas' upcoming auto/biography.


Wakmasnoor said...

Rightly so dearest Tun Salleh. The victory is rightly yours. Not enough words of apology would substitute the very importance of lastly being acknowledged as right by the government.

You stand by your righteous principle and you paid dearly for that. 20 years gone, finally its all over. The truth prevails and truth sets us free. We thank you Tun Salleh. For standing to what we all believe in, and to stand firmed for 20 long years.

We (you) didnt get the apology from PM Abdullah, not literally. But the words were there in motions.

The reforms of the judiciary system in electing the Chief Judge, is now well in place, albeit of further and few more discussions on how to implement it. Which will take a year in my estimation. But the one thing we should not fail to notice, is the still-power (prerogative) of the PM to agree and brings the name of the CJ post candidate to DYMM Agung. In other words, the Executive members of the govt still hold the absolute right. They would not interfere with the selection made by the Council of Judges. Nor will they propose any names. But they will have sort of a final say. Although i very much doubt, the appointment of CJ would be of any political concerns by the PM and his executive members; nonetheless, political still rules over judicial.

Whatever it is, the very mentioned of Tun Salleh (and other judges) and the so-called judiciary reforms by the PM, is an end and a start of a chapter. And it was a chapter well received, applauded and appreciated by all Malaysians.

Thank you all.

novice101 said...

Tun Salleh and his brother justices' anguishes and pain can never be really felt and understood by any of us! They paid a heavy personal price to uphold a principle.

If it is any consolation, the rakyat has always hold the wronged justices in the highest regards. Through the 20 years this respect has never wavered.

The PM's action has restored them to the honoured places they deserved. They had endured the abuse for 20 long years and never first did they lose faith.

These are not only towering legal minds, they are also giants amongst men!

mindamerdeka said...

Assalamu'alaikum wrt..

Walaupun Paklah dikenali sebagai PM yang gagal menguruskan negara dengan baik, namun Paklah juga berhak menerima gelaran seperti juga PM 2 yang lain.

Bolehkan kita gelarkan Paklah bapak integriti kehakiman negara?