Sunday, 20 April 2008

We didn't seek to declare Umno unlawful

The so- called "Umno 11" group Saturday claimed that it did not seek to have Umno declared unlawful in 1988 as it had been so accused by certain quarters.

Abdul Rahim Abdul Rahman, who claimed to represent the group, said all 11 of them only sought to have the party conduct its elections again because several delegates to the April 1987 general assembly came from unregistered branches of the party.

He spoke at a news conference to clarify a newspaper report that the group's claim was granted by then High Court judge Datuk Harun Hashim and the outcome was the declaration of Umno as unlawful because it had unregistered branches.

Abdul Rahim said the group took the matter to court because its appeal within Umno following the party elections was not entertained, according to a report by Bernama.

"That statement is wrong because the fact is that it was a request by the Umno group including myself that we, Umno members, seek a court declaration that the general assembly was null and void. There was nothing in our petition to have Umno declared unlawful or anything associated with banning Umno.

"For 20 years or two decades, former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and the Umno secretary-general then Tan Sri Sanusi Junid and others had accused us Umno 11 as those responsible for having Umno declared unlawful," he said.

He wanted to clarify the matter now because they had not been able to get the chance to refute the accusations.

(Background: The group had filed the petition to have the results of the 1987 Umno elections - in which Dr Mahathir won the Umno presidency against his challenger, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah - declared null and void after learning that several unregistered branches with illegal members had attended the general assembly and voted as delegates.)


Dhahran Sea said...

Very fishy about the timing... maybe they are also thinking of getting compensated by Umno? Or have they been "compensated" already to create distraction for AAB, SIL&Co.from the REAL issue? Melayu, Melayu... memang tak hilang Melayu kat dunia ni?

Anonymous said...

Kak Ton,

I think the group of 11 knew the consequences of their action.

I am pretty sure their lawyers must have informed what it would mean.

Members of this group belonged to Team B, the Opposing group, and were supporters of Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah who had mounted a challenge against incumbent Umno president Dr Mahathir Mohamad in the party elections of 1987 and lost.

They had the tacit support of Tengku Razaleigh and their intention was definitely to have Umno declared illegal so that a new Umno could be registered.

That was exactly what happened...the moment the party was announced illegal, Tengku Razaleigh with the support of the late Tunku scrambled to have Umno reregistered.

Dr Mahathir was well aware of their move, beat the group to it and reregistered Umno as Umno Baru.

Tengku Razaleigh had no other option but to form Semangat 46 with Rais Yatim, Radzi Sheikh Ahmad and a few others.

Pak Lah, Musa Hitam, Shahrir Samad and a few Umno leader who belonged to the Opposing team didnt join Semangat 46. They joined Umno baru much later.

Hi&Lo said...

Kak Ton,

Re: Anon 3.06. I think the poster had the chrono of events mixed up. I won't cast doubt on the group of 11 without much proof. Am more inclined to believe in their sincerity.

They filed the case in court with intention to correct a discrepancy. I would take the initiative if I were a member.

All they wanted most probably was to use a court order to order a fresh election.

Cannot blame the judge either cos the law is such. But who made the law? When laws are passed and steamrolled without much a whimper we have to live with bad laws.

Anonymous said...

its unravelling, isnt it, the lies and deceits as well as the excesses of mahatir. no wonder, he is fighting tooth and nail to get rid of the man who is allowing such revealations.

Anonymous said...

this demonising of TDM is just diversion tactics by Pak Lah to cover up his own weaknesses. i'm curious why Umno members letting thei own leader criticising TDM like this.