Monday, 21 April 2008

Muhyiddin - It is Umno members' Right...

Umno vice-president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said that Umno members have the right to determine the position of the Prime Minister because they were responsible for putting Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi to the post by voting him as party president.

“Abdullah was actually elected by Umno members who had voted him as party president and according to convention as Chairman of Barisan Nasional he is chosen as Prime Minister,” he told Utusan Malaysia.

( The post of Barisan Nasional Chairman has always been held by whoever is the President of Umno).

Muhyiddin, who is International Trade and Industry Minister, said that he had never asked Datuk Abdullah to resign although he had made several statements on the need for changes to the party leadership.

Muhyiddin said this in response to the statement by supreme council member Datuk Nazri Aziz who said that no one in Umno has the right to call for Abdullah step down as Prime Minister ( read here).

Nazri, who is Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, had called those those who demanded for Abdullah to step down as "foolish" and who did not understand what democracy was all about.

For more, read "Ahli Umno berhak tentukan kedudukan PM" here.

(With due respect, Tan Sri, please don’t backtrack. What else would you mean by change in the top leadership? And since you said that Umno members have the right to determine the position of Pak Lah, now please ask them to do the right thing. Use that “Right” wisely and persuade him to retire. Boleh kan?)


zorro said...

Typical double-speak of politicians. That could impress and bewilder the heartland but not us urbanites. When will they ever stop hoodwinking the intelligentsia?

Anonymous said...

yup.. double speak alright, just like all other politicians in the world. trying to jaga periuk nasi.

warrior2 said...

"Muhyiddin- changes to the party leadership" does not necessarily mean the No 1.

Shouldnt change be made at the ballot box?

I wonder if all these people who writes about the changes are umno members themselves!

Hmm did you write about the need to change the PKR leadership when they lost terribly in 2004? the dap with all those tanjungs?

farah said...


There is a difference between the ruling party that affects the lives of the people and an opposition party that has no effects at all. UMNO President is the PM of this country and that's not for UMNO members alone, you must know that. You are being cheap and pathetic.

novice101 said...

Since day one after GE12, Muhyddin has been swaying to and fro! He has been trying to sniff wither the wind blows. But he seems not to be very successful. Now he engages in the oldest game of politiicans - double talk! Hope not to be dropped when AAB decides to reshuffle his cabinet! Ha!

Bung Karno said...

Paklah is not chosen by the rakyat at large, only voters in K.Batas.
He is popular among members of pakatan Anwar, some cabinet ministers and Mentri Besar but UMNO grassroots do not want him.

The voters at large also do not regard Paklah highly as BN chief and dump his leadership at the polls. UMNO members think likewise.

He is PM by virtue of being UMNO President and BN Chairman. UMNO grassroots want him to step down and have conveyed this to other party leaders e,g. Muhyiddin, Mukriz, Dr Khir, T.Razaleigh. (Of course Najib dare not say). UMNO want another leader to head the party and provide strong leadership to the party, nation and religion. Non-UMNO members please lay-off.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maria,

Muhyiddin is saying the right thing. He proposes a change in leadership. That means it is not AAB alone. It could mean all heirachy of leadership, from top to bottom, except the good ones. Bravo, Tan Sri.

Ramli Mohd Yunus
Alor Star, Kedah.