Monday, 14 April 2008

Mat Taib to media: Don't highlight resignation calls

Umno information chief Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib urged the media to stop highlighting calls for party president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to resign as this could be "misinterpreted."

“If the resignation issue is blown up by the media, it must be held responsible for its impact on the country’s economic development and financial standing, as well as for eroding confidence.

“People may assume the country is in a mess," he told reporters after attending a feast to mark the victory of Bukit Gantang Umno deputy chairman Datuk Rosli Husin who won the Terong state seat in the recent general election.

“Don’t go overboard in publishing the matter as a (new) government has been established,” Muhammad said, according to The Star.

Muhammad, who did not contest in the March 8 polls, was appointed Rural and Regional Development Minister as a senator.

(Now you know why many rely on blogs? We have an Umno reject who got into the Cabinet through the backdoor and is now talking about self-censorship by asking the media, the msm no doubt, not to highlight news which not only affect Umno but also us, the rakyats. "Misinterpreted" my foot! Hello Mat, how else would you interpret Muhyiddin's call? Certainly he is not pleading for Abdullah to stay on? This is what you get with a half-past-six Minister whose mind hasn't developed beyond the level of a std six and whose understanding of the English language is zilch.)


Anonymous said...

i agree with you kak maria. orang mcm mat taib ni lah yg tak tau malu still harping on the issue of self censorship. he doens't even know heads and tails of any issue.

how can we sack an ineffective and stupid umno information chief and cabinet minister like this? i find there is a lot of shameless umno leaders in the corridor of power these days.. aiyah..

Anonymous said...

I remember my grandma use to say that this kind of people they "termakan lalat." So dia orang ni bukan sahaja tidak tahu malu malah sudah hilang malu. Malu is a MUST if you're a good muslim??

Anonymous said...

Hi Maria, I like your postings a lot. Keep it up.