Wednesday, 2 April 2008

We had a millionaire-ss at MRT...

Marina surrounded by fellow bloggers l-r:Tony Yew, Mat Salo, The ancient mariner, Zorro, Yours truly, Nuraina, Rocky, Ole Blue Eyes, and Kerb at mee rebus Tuesaay (MRT) to celebrate her 1 million hits.

I am talking about Marina Mahathir, of course, who has joined the millionaires' club after only over a year of blogging.

Tabik spring to you sista! The one million hits you have reached is testimony to your popularity and integrity as a blogger who is trying to uphold the truth.

Keep on ranting sista and keep them "people "on their toes!

Go to Its no joke.......1 Million (since March 20 2007)

pix: Stolen from kerb's blog.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

aunty, should have sent you some, clear and unedited versions. but i thought that was the best amongst all, only that now i realised,..where the heck was Whattahack?

maria a samad (kak ton) said...


Tony took a few snaps using my camera, but they didnt come out well. Very blur. Somehow I knew you'd come up with an entry on the forum cuz you attended it. And I saw someone took a a snap of you and Marina before you left my house. Sure Kerp will write abt it (forum & mrt). I was right. He he he.

Wattahack? He was in one of the px taken by Tony. But but too few people in it. Remember how I had to persuade everyone to gather round Marina? Ayoh, semua malu - mahu, tapi malu. Malu2 kucing!

I should have asked your permission first. But I know you would not mind.