Sunday, 13 April 2008

Why many rely on blogs... get alternative news because the mainstream media (MSM) are not reporting "both sides of the coin", said a local online news editor.

S. Vicknesan, editor of the Malaysiakini news portal, said this brought bloggers into conflict with the MSM because they (bloggers) filled the void caused by the MSM.

"If the MSM is allowed a reasonable amount of press freedom in future, the public will get a more accurate account of what is actually happening and will not resort to bloggers much for alternative news," said Vicknesan.

Vicknesan said this during a question and answer session at a forum entitled Reflections on Malaysia's Checks and Balances: The Role of the Press at Malaysian Institute of Integrity near here, yesterday.

The forum was organised by the Malaysia Think Tank London with the cooperation of the Malaysian Press Institute (MPI).

Others who spoke at the forum were the chairman of MPI and Bernama general manager Datuk Azman Ujang, political editor of The Sun Zainon Ahmad and Group Chief Executive Officer of the KRA Group, Karim Raslan. -

Source Bernama

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(And they love to spin, too. They're "good" at confusing the reading public. You need to dig hard for the real news. Read this: Some things haven't changed.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Kak Ton, On the succession plan, Najib said it had been raised "once too often". Syabas Najib! That's the kind of response we want to hear from you man. You are the deputy PM n Umno. Obviously, if we talk about natural succession, Najib is the PM-in-Waiting. He too is fed-up with Paklah's shadow play to stay in power until "when the time comes" for him to step down. Kak Ton, Just make sure it won't be too late for Najib! ZZZZZZZZZZZ

Anonymous said...

The many tragedy of injustices in Malaysia with complicity by the mainstream media to the corrupt ruling party such as BN, like the case of Anwar, HOPEFULLY will not be repeated in the future!!!

adik said...

Kak ton,

So the politicians are becoming bloggers because people are turning to blogs, huh?

Makes me wanna laugh. If they are politicians with no integrity, what makes them think they are going to be bloggers with... err integrity.

If they are going to churn out the same one-sided articles like the msm, what makes them think people are queueing up to read their blogs?

Lol! Now they're joining the band of liars, goblogs, syok-sendiri, and monkeys.

He he he!

Anonymous said...

I have given up reading msm a long time ago. I'd rather read blogs, the wellknown ones like rocky'sbru, AKJ, Jln Sudin and Tok Mommy's, to name a few.

The first thing I do in the morning is to to open up Rocky's because has the latest info and those you cant get from the msm. He has scooped and broken news.

Just glad we now have the alternative media to rely on.

Anonymous said...

I stopped buying the NST and the Star a long time ago. The only paper I read is the Sun because it is free.

Neither do I watch RTM, TV tiga suku or NTV - which is full of government propaganda.

I'd rather watch Al Jazeera and BBC.

Anonymous said...

....BUT i thought bloggers are liars, free-nothing-to-do people,unemployed housewives, unimportant bunch of losers??? you mean now they want to blog also because they lost the election to electronic news and bloggers? ...BUT then who wants to read the same MSM news online? what's the difference? they might as well copy and past from star, nst and the rest, sorry morons, too late for you to jump on the bandwagon, we are operting on pentium core2 duo, you are still stuck with beginners level, way left behind time!! and dr khir has a blog and i still wonder why he shred his documents when he left? no answers, wont be for a long time knowing how it works here.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kak Ton,
I also wrote a piece in my blog on this issue. Seems like most of us "bloggers" see this in the same light. Although, I have to admit, I still have a soft spot for good journalism. If the MSM can really get their act together, and get into some serious journalism and reporting, I think it'd do a great favour to Malaysians.
After what's been said and done, I still like reading newspapers I guess.
If and when the MSM are really given the freedom to express themselves, I hope it wouldn't be too late.

Anonymous said...

I don’t understand why the Malays are so intimidated by the other races in Malaysia. The Chinese, Indian or Orang Ulu (native), are not trying to go against the Malays or to fight them for their right. They have great respect for the Malays and its rulers. All they want is for them not to be treated like dogs by the Malays. They are treated like second class citizens but are not taking the Malays rice bowl away. They simply want their right to live and be accepted like every body else in this world rather than be consistently reminded that the Malays are superior to them. This is the origin of the problems of hatred and anger between all Malaysians as a nation. Our polititions make it worse with their egos and their pride. They must stop being so rude and arrogant. The Malays must learn to respect others if they want others to respect them. Malaysia has created a generation of rude, arrogant, proud, and disrespectful Malaysians because of the way the Malays treat other races in Malaysia. Malaysia has, directly or indirectly, taught our children that the Malays are superior to others.